Paris Autumn View

Rebecca Plotnick Photography

My time here in Paris is almost over. I am forever grateful for everyday that I can spend in this beautiful city. It continues to inspire me and surprise me. Today I enjoyed this beautiful view that I just had to share.

paris in the autumn


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Bob’s Idea Of A Snapshot

I am not a birder. I’ve known photographers who live and breathe bird photography, including loads from Great Britain. That’s wonderful but that’s not my first love. I do love birds, however, and take every opportunity to photograph them if they’re within my camera and lens range.

I tell my friends and photographic students to be aware of your surroundings, to keep your camera in a default mode to simply raise it and fire. You have to know your equipment and surroundings to be able to do that. My default settings on any camera I own are: ISO 800, Aperture F/8.0, +1 F-Stop underexposed and whatever shutter speed my Fuji X-E1 chooses in Aperture priority.

By always being in the ballpark to shoot you won’t miss shots like the one I took below. I was walking the zoo circuit with John, a photographer friend, and spotted this little bird land…

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Hollywood Portraits Remastered ~ Pictures and Technique

Photofocus (old site)

The picture above shows the classic Hollywood look that is created when the nose shadow touches the cheek shadow to enclose a triangle of light on the unlit side of the face. The pictures in this post are the result of my summer 2013 project. I started my quest to revitalise the classic Hollywood look 5 years ago back in 2008. I largely abandoned it until along came affordable, continuous lights that have both the all important Fresnel lenses and utilise the magic of daylight balanced LEDs. Now I’m glad to say that this style is well entrenched here in the UK and the Hollywood look has finally been reborn.

This look needs lights with Fresnel lenses for authenticity. Five years ago LED Fresnel spotlights weren’t even dreamed of. Now they have largely replaced HMI units. LED lighting is the future and it’s here right now.

In my next post…

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Stay one more night

Say one more night


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Hello world!

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