Bob’s Idea Of A Snapshot

25 Okt

I am not a birder. I’ve known photographers who live and breathe bird photography, including loads from Great Britain. That’s wonderful but that’s not my first love. I do love birds, however, and take every opportunity to photograph them if they’re within my camera and lens range.

I tell my friends and photographic students to be aware of your surroundings, to keep your camera in a default mode to simply raise it and fire. You have to know your equipment and surroundings to be able to do that. My default settings on any camera I own are: ISO 800, Aperture F/8.0, +1 F-Stop underexposed and whatever shutter speed my Fuji X-E1 chooses in Aperture priority.

By always being in the ballpark to shoot you won’t miss shots like the one I took below. I was walking the zoo circuit with John, a photographer friend, and spotted this little bird land…

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